What Printer To Choose For Home And Office?

What Printer To Choose For Home And Office?

What Printer To Choose For Home And Office?

In today’s world the person has to write on paper more rarely.

The ability to print is more important than a beautiful handwriting. But reading from the monitor is still not pleasant so that you cannot cope without the printer. When selecting the printer, it is important to define the purposes for which you buy it: for home, where print volumes are not large and the colors are important, or for the office, where the color is not important, but you spent three packs of paper daily. Let’s consider in detail the types of printers.

Dot Matrix Printers.

The image is formed by small needles, which hit the paper through the ribbon. The more needles in the matrix, the better the result is. The main advantages of dot matrix printers – is cheapness of printing, unpretentiousness to paper and possibility to print on multiple sheets at a blueprint. Disadvantages – frankly poor print quality and noise during operation. At the moment matrix printers are used in organizations for specific purposes, such as printing on forms, rolls. It makes no sense to buy it for home or office use.

Inkjet Printers.

Footprints in the paper are obtained by accurately spraying fine droplets of ink. Inkjet method makes it possible to achieve a very good print quality, including color. Expensive models allow you to print photos (on special photo paper – with an almost-quality printing), print on CD / DVD discs, to print “borderless” on paper of different sizes. The minus is a poor color fastness – it’s easy to grease until it is dry. If a little water gets accidentally on the page, the image will blur. The inkjet printers have also the highest cost of printing – original cartridges are very expensive. In the case of self-filling the price drops sharply, but there is always the risk of spoiling the printer. It is an ideal option for home, where there are no large amounts, but you want to maximize the functional.

What Printer To Choose For Home And Office?

Laser Printers.

The principle of printing – the toner (powder) is magnetized on the photo conductor with a laser beam, forming a pattern. Then the powder is transferred to the sheet and melts, fixing on it. Pros – the prints are not sensitive to moisture and require no drying time, good quality and speed of black and white printing; the low cost of consumables. Cons – printers are relatively expensive, especially color models, and color print quality is not too good. When printing it is released harmful ozone gas. Toner may go away from the sheet, for example, if you fold it in half. It is good for the office, which requires large volumes of printing.

Currently the world has transformed into the world of the online technologies where computers and printers are its inalienable part. Use this opportunity to save your time and money.

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