What Is CISS? Its Benefits

What Is CISS? Its Benefits

What Is CISS? Its Benefits

CISS – is an acronym. It is decrypted as a Continuous Ink Supply System. CISS is a system of communicating vessels, when the ink is coming directly from the containers with the ink in the print head through the “tubes” and it happens all the time.

The main components of continuous ink supply system are:

– Tanks with ink;

– Multi-channel cable for ink;

– Special cartridges with automatic chips.

People usually ask why CISS is necessary.

The answer is trivial – why to use cartridges when you can pay at least in 30-50 times less with a CISS? And we want to show not all the pictures to someone else’s eye.

Let’s start with the performance of the printer, which is determined not only by the print speeds, but also by laboriousness of manufacturing operations to change the cartridge or refilling ink, as well as the rejection rate by the end of the ink during the printing process. If you do have a system of continuous ink supply, the ink in the cartridge will come to an end sooner or later and it must be replaced.

In this case, depending on the type of the printer, you have to do various technological exercises of cleaning and adjustment with the cartridge that can take 10-15 minutes (and sometimes more, if the new cartridge was defective). Next note that several cartridges with different colors are installed in your printer (or one with multiple cameras) and they end at different times. Therefore, in the case of multiple color cartridges you will have to change them in several times more often, and when one color cartridge with multiple cameras you also have to throw it with the unspent balance of ink (of course, if you do not refill the cartridge by yourself). Thus, the average time of printing one page and the most importantly the cost increases significantly. It is needless to say that all these problems can be avoided by using the printer with continuous ink supply system (CISS). This will allow to increase productivity of your system ceteris paribus on 15-20%.

What Is CISS? Its BenefitsThis system is also very important for reduction of operational costs. Firstly, the ink for these systems cost in 3-5 times cheaper than the ink in the cartridges. Secondly, you can avoid defects because of the end of the ink during the printing process.

Thus, the use of continuous ink supply system can significantly increase productivity and reduce operating costs, reduce the cost of printing in a few times and improve the overall quality of work.

When using the CISS, it is achieved increased reliability of stream print, because when using conventional or refilled cartridges it is necessary to stop print, replace, null or refill cartridges, that creates a risk of airing of nozzles and the strait of ink in the printer.

And the most importantly, when using the CISS, it is achieved great financial savings.

Today the world has become the world of the web technologies where computers and printers are its integral part. Advantage of this chance to save your time and money.

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