The Types Of Cartridges. How To Distinguish Them?

The Types Of Cartridges. How To Distinguish Them?

The Types Of Cartridges. How To Distinguish Them?

Cartridges can be of different types and kinds – original, license-compliant, filled (refillable), recovered and fake. How do they differ?

The original cartridge.

The term “original” was put into practice by the company Hewlett Packard. It is printed on each cartridge HP – «This original HP LaserJet cartridge contains only genuine HP parts».

The compatible cartridge.

This is cartridges for the printer or copier, converted from the original manufacturer’s cartridges. Compatible cartridges cost in two-three times cheaper than the original ones, due to the use of used parts.

A compatible cartridge – is a vast category, which is divided into several sections.

1. The recycled cartridge (recycling (re-used) – is an original cartridge in the manufacture of which it is used parts of used cartridges. Most often, any firm buys spent shells and alter them, replacing parts.
2. The refilled cartridge – it’s a cartridge, in which the toner was over once, but the cartridge is not thrown away, and it was filled with the new toner for laser cartridges.

3. The refillable cartridge – this is a compatible cartridge with a special structure that facilitates its re-fueling and the removal of protection from such refills. Therefore, they are sometimes called as reusable or “eternal” cartridges.

The Types Of Cartridges. How To Distinguish Them?

Manufacture and sale of alternative ink cartridges, toner, ink, photo conductors, and other products is an absolutely legal activity. The fact is that the firms produce cartridges according to their own original developments and patents, but do not steal secrets of the firms that produce original products. At the annual exhibition of “Rechargers magazine World Expo” it is presented hundreds of companies around the world which work in the production of compatible cartridges.

4. The fake cartridges – this is the cartridge, which has produced by unknown company that hides the fact of such manufacture from the public and from regulatory authorities and which looks and mimics the packing of the product of a very well-known manufacturer of cartridges.

Such production is organized in order to obtain profits by illegal means. Almost always a pirated cartridge is not a new cartridge, this is usually a recycled or even refilled, but packed in the package of a very famous company. Sign of a fake – is the price. It is lower by 10-20% than the prices of official “original” distributors.

Some unscrupulous sellers buy a small amount of “fake” cartridges and mix them with a large consignment of “original” cartridges, and the result is a lower price for the entire consignment of goods. So if you try to buy the goods at the lowest price, then no one can guarantee you from buying fakes.

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