The Choice Of The Printer: Laser Or Inkjet

The Choice Of The Printer: Laser Or Inkjet

The Choice Of The Printer: Laser Or Inkjet

Probably the main advantage of the laser printer is print quality, along with quite acceptable for most purposes performance. As for the cost, the price of lower-end models of printers are very close to the mark of 200 dollars, which makes them quite affordable for home use. However, many inexpensive models offered for sale with a cartridge having a smaller relative standard resource. Therefore, over time, when the toner is finished, the owner of the printer will be faced with a dilemma: to buy a new cartridge or refill the old one. Naturally, the first option is the easiest and most obvious, but the price of a new cartridge varies for different models from 50 to 100 dollars, and not everyone can afford to buy it at the precise moment when it ended. And people wanting to save have to master the complicated science of self-refilling cartridges. In this case, you have to shell out to buy only ja tube with a cartridge. However, labor costs at the same time will be significantly higher than in the case of refilling cartridges for inkjet printers, and the risk of damage the complex and delicate device is big enough.

The main differences in the design of cartridges for laser printers from different manufacturers are whether the kit contains a selenium photo conductor or it is in the separate ‘drum’ cartridge. In the second case, refilling the cartridge with the toner does not usually cause any problems, but in the first case:

If you do decide to fill the cartridge by yourself, then it can be done in two ways. The first of them, classic, involves a complete disassembly of the cartridge, the extraction of the selenium photo conductor and filling of the toner into the hopper. However, the complete disassembly of the cartridge requires generously plumbing skills; in addition, there is a chance of damaging the surface or illumination of the photo conductor that will inevitably lead to a substantial or poor print quality, or, sometimes, a loss of efficiency of the cartridge and in the most “clinical” cases – to failure of the printer.

The Choice Of The Printer: Laser Or Inkjet

However, there is another, easier way to fill the toner in the cartridge, eliminating the possibility of damage of internal components. For its implementation it is necessary to make carefully a hole in the toner hopper, and to fill the fresh toner through it, using a funnel. After it the hole must be sealed with the tape.

It is worth remembering a few important points which significantly extend the life of your printer:

Try to place the printer in a well ventilated premise. Remember that distance from all sides of the unit should be not less than in ten centimeters. Do not block ventilation holes of the device. Remember that the printers cannot stand heat.

Do not place the printer near an open window.

Make timely prevention of devices.

Do not overload the equipment. Remember that the peak loads – are the cause of rapid wear of the printer.

Use only high quality print media. It is extremely harmful to use previously printed sheets from the back side in the printer without duplex. If such use cannot be avoided, print “clean sheet” after 8 hours of continuous work with the printer.

Do not disconnect the cables of the printer during operation.

Always inspect the printer before starting to work with it.

Currently the world has turned into the world of the web technologies where computers and printers are its inalienable part. Take advantage of this chance to save your time and money.

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