Recycling Industry – The World Experience

Recycling Industry – The World Experience

Recycling Industry – The World Experience

Recycling – is the industry of restoration of supplies, one of the fastest ones growing worldwide. The recycling of consumables means restoration of cartridges and its refilling.

Worldwide there are about 10,000 firms involved in restoration of cartridges. They have tens millions of customers. For more than 15 years of global development of recycling industry powerful brands that guarantee product quality close to the original and reasonable prices appeared.

This industry emerged after appearance of first mass printers when people not having time to enjoy the new machine immediately subdued due to lack of the toner. Deficit always leads to progress. Employees of design bureaus have learned to disassemble and assemble the cartridge, change parts, clean them and refill the toner that led to a new service to the public. We have benefited from purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges as compared with the acquisition of “branded” ones.

It is well known that printer manufacturers earn an income just from selling ink cartridges, so the recycling industry is a severe irritant. The only thing that the vendors really made in order to reduce their losses on recycling – they have refused to repair the printers that worked at the time of breakdown on the “alien” cartridges.

Recyclers, in turn, abut on the ecology of their production. So, according to American magazine Recharger, for a year the manufacturers of reconstructed cartridges save more than 12 million liters of oil that goes to the manufacture of consumables. In addition, due to their activities much less utilized hard plastic used when manufacturing cartridges gets in a landfill.

Recycling industry is developing rapidly worldwide. This business is especially developed in the U.S., Asia, and Western Europe. Eastern Europe and CIS countries follow the leaders.

Recycling Industry – The World Experience

Now, for example, this industry of U.S. is estimated at. $ 8 billion, where only on the basis of a single printer HP II / III (drive Canon EPS) the industry of recycling cartridges appeared, it is created thousands of companies, many of which live and wealth to this day, engaged in the restoration and servicing of cartridges for various office printing equipment. In the U.S. and other developed countries the government support for firms engaged in the restoration of cartridges exist, because it saves funds and environment. Moreover – in the U.S. in public institutions there are rules that employees should use remanufactured cartridges when at working on the printing technique. In these countries the share of remanufactured cartridges is 20-30% of the total number in service.

Why do I need to refill cartridges?

Even in the simplest version of the cartridge, where there is no a photo conductor, a significant share of price accounts for the plastic shell and resource of its use is not restricted to a single cycle. So the toner refill can save at least 20% compared with buying a new cartridge. However, the real benefit may be much higher.

Currently the world has transformed into the world of the online technologies where computers and printers are its inseparable part. Avail yourself of this opportunity to save your time and money.

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