Pros And Cons Of Laser Printers

Pros And Cons Of Laser Printers

Pros And Cons Of Laser Printers

Laser printer – is one of the types of printers that can quickly produce high-quality prints of text and graphics on plain paper. Like a photocopier, laser printers are used in the process of xerographic printing, but difference is that the image formation occurs by direct laser beam scanning of photosensitive elements of your printer.

Modern laser printers have a large memory, have better speed performance, are often equipped with automatic two-sided printing and cost about 300 dollars. The laser printers of primary level cost less than $ 100

Prints made in such a way are not afraid of moisture, resistant to abrasion and fading. The quality of images is very high.

The advantages of laser printers.

As a rule, when black and white printing the resolution ranges from 600 x 600 up to 1200 x 1200 dots per inch, but when color printing achieves 9600 x 1200. Color and black and white laser printers operates in practice the same way. The difference lies in the fact that for color printing it is used four types of dye toner. Any color makes its own contribution in the final image, applied on a sheet of paper. If we compare them with inkjet printers, laser printers have a lot of advantages.

They have a higher rate, because the laser beam can travel much faster than the print head with dozens or more hundreds of nozzles, from which at the time of printing it is released microscopic droplets of ink with a certain interval.

Pros And Cons Of Laser Printers

Laser beams are more accurate, and because of the compact focusing can acquire a high resolution. Laser printers are more economical than the inkjet, just because the cartridges with toner is enough not for one thousand of pages, but the ink cartridges run out quickly, and they have to be refilled or change more often.

Color laser printers provide a high speed of printing; give high-quality color and black and white imprints, as well as an attractive cost of printing pages taking into consideration supplies.

Laser prints are more resistant, clarity of prints is not violated in conditions of high humidity. Toner can be compressed that’s easy to fix by a slight shaking the cartridge, unlike the inkjet printers, ink of which can dry up in the nozzles, that requires cleaning and, occasionally, replacement. Washing of nozzles can only be done in the service center.

Disadvantages of laser printers.

When the laser printer operates, ozone is released. The high concentration of ozone is not desired, the small doses have a beneficial effect on humans.

The presence of the elements with high power consumption (the main engine, a stove) in the construction leads to the fact that the peak power consumption of laser printers is quite high, making it impossible to connect it to the domestic uninterruptible power supply of medium and low power.

Some of the models of color printers when printing apply a latent image to the impression that indicates the date and time of printing, as well as the serial number of the device that has been done to stop printing color copies of bank notes and other documents and securities.

Nowadays the world has transformed into the world of the web technologies where computers and printers are its inalienable part. Use this opportunity to save your time and money.

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