Paper & Ink Guide

Paper Stock Guide
Shenzhen Taijie Packaging Printing Factory offers several different paper stock finishes and weights to choose from. The following briefly describes those finishes and weights to help you pick the right stock for your project.

70#, 80# & 100# Text – As the name implies, these stocks are a ‘text’ weight. They are very similar to the text weight you might find in a magazine with 70# being the lightest (thinner) and 100# being the heaviest (thicker). These stocks are most commonly used for items like brochures, catalogs, flyers and posters. In addition, the heavier the stock the higher the opacity which will minimize show through from one side of a printed sheet to another.

80#, 100# & 120# Cover – Cover stocks are commonly found on products which require a more substantial weight like postcards, pocket folders, catalog covers or door hangers. Many times these products are required to ‘stand alone’ or protect other pieces within a project. As with text weight, the higher the number the heavier or thicker the paper.

Gloss & Silk Finishes – Gloss and Silk finishes are both considered to be ‘coated’ sheets. As the name implies, a gloss sheet has a glossy finish and a silk sheet has a silk or matte finish. Gloss stocks are the most commonly used, but silk stocks provide a nice finish and work well with spot gloss varnishes or when a printed piece may need to be written on at some point in its life cycle.

Ink Specifications
Shenzhen Taijie Packaging Printing Factory specializes in full color printing, also known as process color printing. All of our products are printed in full color with a few exceptions. We do offer black imprinting on the backs of flyers and product sheets as well as postcards and rack cards. If your  project requires a 1, 2 or 3 color look we will convert your color to a process color equivalent or you can request a custom quote for spot color printing.

Our ink descriptions merely indicate how we will be printing each side of piece. For example, Full Color, 2 sided, means we will be printing in full color on both sides of the sheet. Full color one side, black on the back follows the previous example and so on.