Laser Printers: The Problem Of The Reduction Of Operating Costs

Laser Printers: The Problem Of The Reduction Of Operating Costs

Laser Printers: The Problem Of The Reduction Of Operating Costs

Today one of the most popular print devices for office or home use is a laser printer. Laser printer offers good speed of printing, not so picky about the paper and the cost of printing of a text document on this printer is lower than on the inkjet. In most cases, the choice is made in favor of laser printers designed for black and white (monochrome printers) as well as color printers are mainly used in large offices, printery and print shops.

For the operation of any printing technology it is needed supplies: ink cartridges, paper, films, and tapes. Setting reasonable prices for their printing technology, manufacturers are well aware that the main item of consumption will become the cost of consumables later. And indeed: the main problem for consumers is becoming operational costs for the printing technique, since the original consumables are extremely expensive.

The problem of saving on consumables is paramount to all owners of printers, especially when it comes to excessive paperwork. With heavy use of the printer the need of replacement of ink cartridges occurs regularly, but the purchase of new cartridges is costly, it is very tangible for the budget of small businesses and printers of home owners. An alternative to buying a new cartridge was found and has already entered into general practice – this is refilling the cartridges with compatible toner in the specialized service centers.

The actual calculations evidence in favor of cartridge refilling: the cost of refilling of the cartridge is about 20% of the original cartridge. During the operation there is a need in the process of restoring the cartridge, which includes the replacement of the photo conductor and wiper blade, but in this case, the cost does not exceed 50-55%, compared to the cost of a new cartridge. However, please note that if the warranty period for the printing technique has not yet expired, the use of non-genuine consumables may invalidate your warranty.

Laser Printers: The Problem Of The Reduction Of Operating Costs

It is quite naturally that leading manufacturers of printing equipment are not interested in mass use of remanufactured cartridges, as the demand for original supplies falls. On this basis, it is periodically voiced the opinions that the use of non-genuine consumables affects the quality of printing and disables the printer. Practice shows that after refilling the cartridge the print quality remains almost on the same level, and the use of remanufactured cartridges has no adverse impact on the print devices. On the other hand, all producers recognize the fact that the refilling the printer is the best option in terms of ecology, as spent cartridges refer to waste that almost cannot be utilized.

The only thing that can really cause an irreparable harm to the printing technique – is attempts to self-refilling the cartridges. Refilling of the cartridges is a complex procedure, not only limited to the replacement of the toner.

Nowadays the world has turned into the world of the web technologies where computers and printers are its inalienable part. Take advantage of this chance to save your time and money.

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