Customer Help

If you have the following questions, please find answers as below:

1. How to prepare your file?

2.How to uploading and proofing your file?

3.How to Tracking, Changing or Cancelling Your Order?

4. About ISF Information for U.S. & CANADA Customers

1. File Preparation Guides

Applications Supported

Our preferred file format is a print ready PDF file. Many current design and drawing applications will allow you to generate a PDF file right from the software. If yours does not, you would need to generate a PDF using Adobe Distiller if is available to you. Otherwise we will more than likely be able to work with your native files (please remember to include you images and fonts when uploading).

CM Color Printing supports the following layout programs:

File Extensions

Description/Program Used


Adobe Illustrator drawing or vector graphics file


Encapsulated postscript image file created using Adobe Illustrator; designed for high resolution printing of illustrations; standard file format for importing and exporting PostScript files


Corel Draw Vector drawing file


Tag Image File Format; preferred bitmap graphics format for high-resolution postscript printing

.jpg or .jpeg

standard format for photographic image compression developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group


Bitmap file created using Adobe Photoshop


InDesign Document from Adobe Systems


Portable Document File from Adobe Acrobat


QuarkXpress Document or Data File


Document file associated with Microsoft Publisher


Please follow this guide to reduce potential problems, 
avoid additional costs and speed up production and delivery

Scanning resolution is usually twice the output line screen. A resolution of 300 dpi or close is ideal when scanning color and grey scale materials. B/W art should be scanned not higher than 600 dpi. Text should be at 400 dpi.  Always scan at 100% of the final size of your document.

No RGB images. RGB is used for viewing images on a monitor. Please convert to and save all your images in CMYK mode. Your images will not output properly if your files are not set up in CMYK.

A bleed occurs when the ink prints to the very edge of the paper. For bleeds, you must extend your artwork beyond the border page by 1/8 inch.

Please spell-check your document and review all other information carefully before submitting your files to us to ensure accuracy.


  • Please submit all image and graphic files used in your document
  • Include the original copies of each graphic file.
  • Include all supporting files used in the document
  • Send the linked file of “placed images” in Illustrator or Quark.
  • Do not embed image files into your layout

Please submit your files with all the necessary fonts included – both screen & printer fonts used in your document. Without the printer fonts we cannot create a proof or plates for your print job.

Please send us a mock-up or dummy of your job to serve as a guide.

All files and medium sent to us should have client’s complete name and contact information.

Please include a print out or checklist of each item you are sending.

If you have any further questions, please contact us

2. uploading and proofing

Submitting Your Files

1) What file types do we accept?
2) What types of media do we accept files on?
3) Why and How to compress your files?
4) How to Upload Files? 
5) How long will my file take to upload?

1) What file types do we accept?

We prefer PDF, but we accept ALL file types from ANY platform. While there are some preferred file types since modern print production primarily uses these in its workflow. We happily accept Corel, Publisher and other files types created on a Mac or PC.

2) What types of media do we accept files on?

We accept any media type including CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-R, Jazz, Zip and All DVD formats.

3) Why and How to compress your files? 

File compression reduces the size of a file, allowing for faster transmission over the Internet. Compression also protects the file from possible corruption. Files should be compressed when:

1.    You have more than four files to upload

2.    You are sending Mac files

How to compress your files:

1.    Take all the files for the job and put them in a single folder. Name the folder something appropriate to the order.

2.    For Windows files, compress the folder as a .zip file using the compression software Winzip or PKZip. For Mac files, use StuffItand please BinHex encode it so that your file will retain its resource fork and arrive with icons intact.

4) How to Upload Files?

Please contact us to get FTP serve, it’s a simple way to upload your file.

Or you can upload your file to any website you can use.

Or you can send us disk.

5) How long will my file take to upload?

Uploading a file varies depending on the size of your file, your internet connection, and the amount of traffic on our site at the moment you submit it.  If you feel your file is taking too long to upload, cancel and try again after a few minutes.

About Proof

1) About Proofing?

2) When will my proofs be ready?
3) Proofing Guide?

1) About Proofing? 
A “proof” is a preview of your press-ready file, allowing you to examine and confirm layout, text and content before your order goes to press. We rely on your thorough inspection of the proof to detect and correct errors. Orders will not go to press until we receive your proof approval. Online & hard proof options are available.

2) When will my proofs be ready?
Proofs are usually available 2-3 days after the order is placed.  Submitted files with no issues will have a proof ready in 2 days.  Almost all files we receive have some issues therefore delaying the proof completion time.

3) Proofing Guide?
Here are some tips and guidelines to help you in finding potential errors in your file,
BEFORE it goes to press

Check proofs for accuracy against laser prints and mock-ups:

Are all pages included in the proof?

Are the pages in the proper order & page numbers correct?

Are all images/photos included and in proper placement?

Measure the final trim size and check folds for accuracy.

Check for image quality and color accuracy:

Are photos cropped correctly? Are all photos facing the proper direction?

Do photos & graphics have good contrast?

Check color placement & color consistency throughout the pages. If you have received  a color accurate proof, are the colors correct?

Check general accuracy of fonts, bleeds, and crossovers:

Are all fonts correct?

Is the text crisp & spaced properly?

Are the margins & page alignment(s) correct?

Are there any missing characters or broken type?

Verify that bleeds extend beyond the trim marks.

Highlight hickeys and misc. scratches:

Are there dust spots, printing marks, or dirt marks?

Double check set-up and print specifications:

Verify any finishing elements like die-cuts, embossing, foils, varnishes, etc.

Confirm the weight and color of the final paper stock.

Check indicia for accuracy (if item is used for mailing).

Proof Checklist


image placement

text placement



spot color

metallic ink


Ordering – Tracking, Changing or Cancelling Your Order


Order Tracking

How do I track my order?
Our Customer Service Team will send you Email which include the order tracking information, after the order was shipped out.

Order Change

Can I change my order once it has been placed?
How do I make a change to my order?

– Can I change my order once it has been placed?
Changes to your order can be accommodated before you approve your print job.
Once we have received your approved proof and your print job has been sent to the press, we no longer entertain changes to the file, artwork, quantity, product options, etc.
– How do I make a change to my order?
If you haven’t approved your proof, you can make an order change request by Emailing us. Our Customer Service Team is available anytime to assist you.

Order Cancellation

Can I cancel my order?
How do I cancel my order?
What happens if there are pricing errors in your site?

– Can I cancel my order?
An order may be cancelled on condition that no work has been completed for that order. In this case, the customer will be charged a $15 cancellation fee in addition to any fees charged for proofs or samples, if applicable. However, an order cannot be cancelled if and when

  • The order has been sent to production.
  • The ordered item has been printed.
  • The order is already packaged.
  • The order is en route to you.
  • The order has been delivered.
  • In such cases, please understand that we are unable to cancel any orders and the customer shall be charged in full.

– How do I cancel my order?

If you haven’t approved your proof, you can make an order change request by Emailing us. Our Customer Service Team is available anytime to assist you.

– What happens if there are pricing errors?

We make every effort to ensure that all information on our site is reliable and accurate, including product description and pricing. However, should a product be listed at a wrong price or with incorrect information due to typographical or human error, please note:

  • We have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed whether or not the order has been confirmed.
  • If your order is canceled due to a pricing error and your credit card has already been charged, we will immediately issue a full refund.

Product prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please check before placing your order.

About ISF Information for U.S. & CANADA Customers:

Some customers from U.S.A and Canada don’t understand what is ISF information, here’s some suggestions written by one of our U.S customer, I’d like to express my gratitiude to this customer, and I attach this information for anyone who is needed.

It took us forever to find out accurate information about this from our
US agencies.
I know we should have started sooner but I didn’t understand ISFs. This
rule was implemented as a result of the World Trade Center bombing.

FYI here is some info you can pass on to other US customers:

The ISF must be filed 24 hours before loading on the ship. It’s best to
allow 3 days.

The fine can be $5,000 but so far they have not fined anyone. (Let’s
hope they don’t start now.)

The filing has to be done electronically. You cannot file it yourself
unless you buy the expensive electronic filing software.

The best way to get the ISF is to go to a customs broker approved by the
US Port of Entry.

You can find the ports of entry here.

Once you find your port of entry, you can click on a link to find
approved customs brokers for that port.