Comparison Of Original And Compatible Cartridges

Comparison Of Original And Compatible Cartridges

Comparison Of Original And Compatible Cartridges

The first thing what manufacturers of inkjet devices warn about – is the risk of clogging and drying the print head by using non-original materials. For several years of work in the service, I had to note that on all printers with dried heads had the installed compatible cartridges, and if there were original cartridges, they would be refilled.

On the other hand, it is noted that the original ink has the function of cleaning. Some manufacturers of compatible products have the so-called cleaning cartridges. But their use in practice often does not lead to the return of performance of dried print head. At the same time, in some cases it is sufficient to install the original cartridge and turn on the function of cleaning and print head is cleaned.

After filling the cartridge loses impermeability, and outflow of ink in the printer often happens, resulting in depressurization or improper filling. The result: within the printer everything is filled with ink, in particular the station of parking cartridges suffers that we have to touch and wash that flows into the additional costs. And if the ink flows out of the printer, the table with documents or bedside under the printer turns up flooded.

It was noted from experience that the original inkjet cartridge usually is enough for more pages. For example, if a firm inkwell allows you to print 200 sheets of text, then a compatible one does not allow even a hundred. Even the cartridges with larger specified amount of ink (for example, 12ml instead of 8ml) printed less than the analogous original. So that savings can be imaginary.

Comparison Of Original And Compatible Cartridges

Another issue – is print quality by unoriginal materials, especially in color. In order to get the desired colors you must have a good calibrated monitor, a high-quality photo paper, ICC-profiles. And all your efforts may negate if you use compatible cartridges, ink formulation of which is far from original. Ideally, you need to use a spectrophotometer or specialist services on calibration, resulting in additional costs, but when these costs will be paid off themselves?

Ink of jet printers – this is not a simple mixture of dye and water. They are developed taking into account the technologies of heads and spray ink. It should be a definite viscosity, fluidity, speed of drying, the optical density and water resistance. And this is only a part of characteristics. Inks should not contain impurities and have a composition that does not cause corrosion of the elements of the print head.

In addition, the ink must have the ability to save all the achieved characteristics with long-term storage and transportation, and also to save the properties when exposed to heat or, alternatively, frozen. It is necessary that the product will remain qualitative from the moment of release from the plant and before it comes to the consumer. The original cartridges fully possess this ability that cannot be said about many compatible ones.

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