Common Causes That Reduce Resource Of PCR

Common Causes That Reduce Resource Of PCR

Common Causes That Reduce Resource Of PCR

Charging the photo conductor – is the process of applying a uniform charge of a certain size on the surface of the photoreceptor. This process is carried out by the charging roller which is in direct contact with the surface of the OPC.

Discuss the most common causes that reduce resource of PCR. There is a perception that not all of the toner particles are removed by the squeegee, and this leads to mechanical wear due to friction on the surface of the PCR. So change the wiper blade!

We have tried to simulate this situation in our experiments. We processed part of the surface of the charging roller with emery paper №1200. Wear is evident. The result of using such a “worn-out» PCR was quite acceptable. Hence, abrasive wear is not so critical.

The surface of the charging roller is made of conductive rubber. Roller should be in constant contact with the surface of the photo conductor. The next experiment was aimed at removing the part of the rubber layer.

If we assume “greasiness” of the surface of the charging roller, for example, by additives, which are used by many manufacturers in their toner or talc, which many people use in their work, polishing paste, alcohol, cleaning, etc., we will see a significant degradation in print quality.

Common Causes That Reduce Resource Of PCR

Very often, for restoration of PCR it is used cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and some polishing with special pastes. This combination provides a very nice presentation, but does not improve quality. Specialists can apply by own hands the seal to the surface of conductive rubber of the charging roller, thereby reducing the quality of charging of the OPC surface.
An interesting result was obtained when using for polishing the conductive lubricant for the contact group of the cartridge. Having increased the electrical conductivity, we improve print quality.

Rubber is able to “age” and, as any material, it has a threshold of fatigue when it loses its properties and becomes less elastic, destroys.

Forming of the image.

A negatively charged surface of the photo conductor is exposed to impact of the laser beam. Beam is focused on the photo conductor and it is activated only in those areas on which further the toner and the image should be applied. Under the influence of laser a photosensitive surface of the photo conductor partially loses the negative charge. Thus, the laser applies the prototype of the image on the photo conductor in the form of weak negative charge (latent image).

The surface of the photo conductor is very delicate in all respects. You should not experiment with different ways of restoration. You must strictly follow the instructions to restore and refill cartridges.

The photo conductor should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or dry, filtered compressed air, trying to be careful not to touch the toes of its surface coating. Cleaning fluids or means for processing the photo conductor’s cover not only have an adverse impact on the photo conductor, but may damage the doctor blade, PCR and magnetic roller, so they should not be used.

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