Cartridge: Buy Or Refill?

Cartridge: Buy Or Refill?

Cartridge: Buy Or Refill?

In recent years printers are purchased not only for offices, but for home use. There are several reasons for it. First of all, this is a relatively low price, the possibility of photo printing, high speed, and low cost of printing. All this is true, except for a low cost. Despite the small initial cost, operating cost often is very high.

To promote their products, the printer manufacturers sell printers automatically at the lowest possible price, but they start to earn on the cartridges. At the same time they have to promote the stereotype that “refilling – it’s bad,” because there are no real differences between the original cartridge and refilled or compatible, if it is done qualitatively. So, it is necessary to carry out an explanatory work among consumers like “everything done not by us has poor quality”, etc.

True, more people are aware of the benefits of charging, although there are no official opinions of experts in favor of refilling. Just there is the same quality at a lower price. No wonder that well-known world manufacturers produce ink and toner for refilling.

It is believed that a refilled cartridge ends too soon. But users often do not know how much they made copies. Here we must focus not on time, because we can spend the cartridge even for the evening. The cartridge if it is powder can quickly come to an end due to faulty cartridge refilling (no small percentage goes to the refinement). Do not forget about the print density: the abundance of bold graphics significantly increases the consumption. Inkjet printers consume a lot of ink on cleaning of head nozzles. And as experience shows, the specifications indicated by these manufacturers of cartridges are overestimated by about 20-40%.

Cartridge: Buy Or Refill?

Is there a warranty on refilled cartridges? If the firm values its reputation, every refill is warranted. A consumer should get a test page print together with the refilled cartridge, and only then pay for the service. The absence of the test page often indicates that the firm-refueler has no the range of printers to refilled cartridges, and certainly it has no professional equipment for refilling, and hence the poor quality of filling. It is very important to fill the cartridge in one place: at first, you will know to whom to make a claim specifically, and secondly, in different offices the firm fills with ink of different chemical composition. The result of mixing the new ink with the remnants of the old can lead to clogging of print head or nozzles of the ink cartridge.

If the cartridge is out in your printer – it is not a problem to change it. All you need is money. But purchase of a new cartridge can cost up to 70% of the cost of the printer. You have the alternative – to give your cartridge for refilling in a specialized firm.

These days the world has transformed into the world of the web technologies where computers and printers are its inseparable part. Avail yourself of this opportunity to save your time and money.

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