Advantages Of Laser And LED Printers

Advantages Of Laser And LED Printers

Advantages Of Laser And LED Printers

The world of print is surprisingly diverse: from the Sumerians cuneiform on clay tablets, stone tiles, steles and bas-reliefs to today’s declarations of love on the petals, rosebud, and even on huge land areas where trees, impaled in the form of letters, form the name of the leader – the plane looks pretty funny.

But the mass printing technology today is still a jet and laser printing on printers and personal printers for work groups.

The fastest growing segment is color laser printers, the number of sales of which is constantly growing due to their price reduction. The market is intensively mastered by MFP devices (printer, scanner, copier, fax – all in one), and printers-in hybrids, which do not require the mandatory presence of a computer: as a source of information they can use flash memory cards from digital cameras. In turn, compact dot matrix printers are still in use in cash registers and ticket machines.

Personal printers and printers for work groups.

The main difference between these two classes is in their efficiency. The guidance is the maximum monthly load noted in the specification. As a rule, personal printers are connected to one computer and used in homes and offices – on the user’s desktop. Therefore, such a printer must be low noise and have a minimum size and weight. A laser printer for black and white printing and inkjet for color print may be the best personal device.

Printers for work groups have a network connection and can withstand much greater loads than the personal ones. Set of existing specifications of laser and inkjet can satisfy the most intricate needs of office of any type. If, however, the needs in large volumes of color print of photographic quality arise occasionally, it is profitable to do it in the specialized firms that have the appropriate high-efficiency equipment.

Advantages Of Laser And LED Printers

Laser and LED Printers.

In the laser and LED printers it is used the principle of electrographic printing, which was first used by Xerox in copiers. It’s simple schematically. On the selenium drum a beam of the laser or LED in places of the future image eliminates an electrostatic charge. The toner adheres to the place where there is no charge, and where there is no image it is repelled from the charged surface. The formed image is transferred onto paper and is welded at high temperature.

When LED printing, instead of scanning optical system of a laser as the light source it is used the LED placed on the entire surface of the roller.

The number of diodes, defining a print resolution of the printer, can reach 10 000 at the desired uniformity of the glow. Each LED in the series, unlike the laser, can shine with a variable brightness that allows improving an image quality by improving the possibility of transmission of tones and colors (especially in color images). Due to the lack of a scanning optical system, LED-printers are more compact, lighter, quieter, and safer. Today in the mass selling there are printers with lines 600 and 1200 dpi. These lines have a lifetime warranty of the firm.

Currently the world has transformed into the world of the online technologies where computers and printers are its inalienable part. Avail yourself of this chance to save your time and money.

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