A Few Types Of Toner Refill

A Few Types Of Toner Refill

A Few Types Of Toner Refill

Toner refill – refers to the process of cleaning the laser cartridge from the waste toner cartridge and filling the cartridge with the new toner that allows reusing the laser cartridge for printing.

There are several types of refilling cartridges:

Refill and use of the cartridge by the end-user.

Using a set for refilling, which includes a compatible toner, zeroing chip and a detailed instruction, the user refills by himself. There are many uni-kit toner refill kits of different quality, which are available in specialized stores.

Industrial recovery and refilling cartridges.

Large commercial holdings and companies show interest to the industrial processing of cartridges. The main important argument cited by companies of the industrial recovery of cartridges, it’s a higher quality of imprint.

The service of industry level costs more, but it is profitable in the long term.

Today many commercial companies provide the service of cartridge refilling. The user can give the cartridge for refilling or exchange for a filled (restored) cartridge. Special interest in filling cartridges is observed in connection with an active review of the company’s budget and family budget.

The Types Of Cartridges. How To Distinguish Them?

On the market the services of filling cartridges are generally provided by artisanal craftsmen. Because of such services, the consumers have a negative view of the toner refil. Very often we observe the situation when after refilling the cartridge stops working forever almost immediately or print quality is unsatisfactory. As a result, an attempt to save turns into additional spends. What is the essence of the problem and can it be solved?

When filling cartridges the print quality problems arise for two main reasons – it is primarily a poor quality of the toner and a way of providing the services “toner refill” in makeshift conditions. All the problems associated with loss of print quality and the loss of the cartridge can be avoided in industrial refill and restoration of the cartridges.

What is the industrial approach and how it differs from the artisan? Why besides filling you need something to restore? If you want the cartridge after refilling to work in accordance with the requirements of the customer before refilling the cartridge you must diagnose the cartridge, which will reveal the technical state of wearing parts.

After it it is held a technical consultation with the client and coordination of the mandatory type of works – refill or restoration. The fact is that the salable lines of cartridges are divided generally into two types (Type № 1 and Type № 2). The first type of cartridges produces 40% share of mechanical parts in one cycle and the type of number 2 – 80%. The cartridge of the first type can be refilled and it will print with the same quality after refilling, upon condition a high-quality toner. But the cartridges of the second type will work out at about 20% remained until the wear and tear after refilling, and then – probably I do not need to explain. In the second case you must not only refill the cartridge, but also restore it.

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