3 Major Mistakes Of Fanciers Of Inkjet Printing, Using A Compatible Photo Ink

3 Major Mistakes Of Fanciers Of Inkjet Printing, Using A Compatible Photo Ink

3 Major Mistakes Of Fanciers Of Inkjet Printing, Using A Compatible Photo Ink

There are a number of misconceptions have taken root firmly and actively discussed by amateurs of inkjet photos. In this report we will try to clarify some of them.

1. “A refilled cartridge after installation in the printer must work just as well as new original one”.

The beginners are usually confident in it. Indeed, both cartridges are full of ink. But the original cartridge is filled in a vacuum, and your cartridge – under usual atmospheric conditions with a syringe, which usually have not long enough needle, and fast enough so as you want to print on the cartridge that is filled by own hands very much! Thus, we have different cartridges that are similar only in appearance, as when refueling at home, it is inevitable the hit of air in the print head and cartridge inside. Consequently, the refilled cartridge will not immediately after installing the printer work as well like a new one and will require some time to “adapt” to the conditions of its new life.

2. “I know how to refill cartridges, why should I spend money on a system of continuous ink supply system (CISS)?”.

Unfortunately, the advantage of CISS can be felt fully only by those “lucky beggars” that have already been successfully used. A little joy from this in life can be compared to the time of purchase a washing machine after prolonged washings by hand on weekends (especially in a big family).

Do you continue to fill cartridges hardly? We offer you more relaxed and hassle-free way to print – using CISS!

3 Major Mistakes Of Fanciers Of Inkjet Printing, Using A Compatible Photo Ink3 Major Mistakes Of Fanciers Of Inkjet Printing, Using A Compatible Photo Ink

3. “Photography, printed on an inkjet photo printer must be identical to that on the monitor and the one that is printed in the darkroom.”

You are wrong in the first and in the second case. First, on the monitor (with your settings to display an image) you see a picture that cannot match the real picture, but rather “distorted” by your camera settings.

To extend the range of reproducible colors of your printer, you should calibrate the printer itself, as the producer narrowed this range designedly to ensure consistency of colors in the average monitor and the printer when printing from programs that do not support color management systems (a variety of office programs). You probably pay attention that sometimes the printer (more AIO) prints by the original cartridges with a reduced color gamut in the green-blue colors and the picture appears reddish. This is direct evidence of narrower gamut.

The question of the difference between the technology of photography in the traditional way (the stage of film development, cleaning, fixing, and so the image on photosensitive paper) will not be discussed because this is completely different technologies, they have virtually nothing in common. You like the picture of the lab, but you are surprised to learn that it is made with a resolution of 300 dpi. Compared with the thousands of points for modern inkjet printers – this is very small. The fact is that this is the points of the desired color and shade, while inkjet printing the desired tone is formed by a plurality of points of the original colors.

Today the world has transformed into the world of the Internet technologies where computers and printers are its integral part. Take advantage of this chance to save your time and money.

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